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hi guy long time neber blog, mish writing my tots down in my journal. I go english clases today becos i only have primary school english. not enuf my boss says.

My english classes got this girl, sitting besdie me then she asks my name. I see her keep look at my chest. my neh big than hers. She keep ask intro, where i stay and she once put her hand on my jean. when she get closer to my cock areas, i get hard. So class end and she say she wan ask me some qns. she bring me to the dark stairs in school. she leans on the wall and push my body to hers.

She keep rub my cock. My cock now hard long thicks and wet. Wan to fuck. This girl unzips my jean and start sucking. She sucks very good. And she touch my neh when she suck. I wanted to fucks her but no condoms. So she blow me so shiok until i cum in her mouths. Shiok sia! I see her also happy. She say next times she wanting more from mes.

Tell u guy more about my powerhouse adventures soon!

writes this down i also horny, who wan helps me?


mi yest go zouk. company people go so i goes. drink and drink till high. mi and friends dancing, this girl rubs her butt against my legs. She gives me horny looks. So i rubbed my cock behind her butt. She makes me so high i very hard feel like fuckin. She put my hands near her brests. C cups. feel like licks them. She gives me her number her name miya. she sms me today wan me give her good time.

i likesto fuck girls and guys. both can as long as got holes. i like to make them feels shiok shiok. heard one friend say this sat got new gay club open called play. wan to go there play man. anyone wan meet me there? u can blows me at the toilet and suck my big neh neh.

horny agains. anyone wans help me? heheeeeee...................... i setting up msn to add much people like sluttyass and matt. wan to see us dirty talking. shiok shiok

Potential BFFs

let is talk the fellowship LJ people today. discovers a few nicknames which may becoming good friends of me.

lok81 : we have crosses each other paths. we nearly reunited at powerhouse toilet but just miss abit. Thinks of movie turn left turn right. i knows he wans see my big chest big nipples!

snowyboy: me knows he care for me. he asks me if i okay in the comments section. I okay up theres but not okays down here. Long long time no fullfilling sex. Cum to me snowy and lets sex in snow.

playben: playben wans ppl play withs him. See his LJ nicks i knows. I oso wans play!

charleswanmushi: me veri turn ons by his pics of him eating food. me know he will sucks a lolly good.

meltedsun: this one discovers yesterday by chances. He just asking for it! This one will sure kena from me! 

merman13: i votes for his ads many times. sometimes watch his starhub ads and jerks off instant. See his face me cock hard!

matt_inamorato: this one is thru friends. Add me with no questions asking. i see he too like exhibitions, one day we open sex museeums together. everythings come alive at night there.

b_u_t_t_e_r_fly: this one the boyfriend looks cute, that why i added. she scolds me siao, she siao more. Wonder how her bf fucks? is it sexi fuck?

Tilam man: this ones coward of the cowards. Dares say ppl, dun dare gives name. Must be everyday fucks the tilam.

ethankoh: this one a real fashinaista. no ones uglied allow.. my dream is travelling world., he maked my dreams come trues. Paris milano tokyo new york. he can be my sexi fucks.

who wants to be my best friends forever?

self intro pls

my name go by alvin jared. i am chinese peranakan japanese thai mixed up. some people say i looks like the tv star julian hee. i use to it. just now i go to the gym, and then someone say hi julian i smile and touch my nipples.

my ASL 26 M located at the bukit timah hill there. my chest about 40 inch my waist 31 and got 8 pack and my ass there 35 inch. i proud of my body.i am the gay wif face and body but one thing guy don lie about me is my english. cannot helps it. i educate till ITE onli. so if no like my english, i can stills speak hokkien and chineses. who care? they wan me to fuck them onli in bed, no need say english so much.

if wanted to meet me, leaves a comment. i am gentle and nice at first meet but i will be more rough and passion at 2nd meet. we see how. goonite

pleaze leaves more commen i wan to hear more from guys

stupid monday

waited for lok81 to appear. the end he bluff. never come. see people walking by look at me. i feel shy but i know they look my chest. they long for it.

i step out of my hse just feel sianz. cum inside me last nite nvr come out. walk to bus stop, got little rain. a car splirt water at me. my jeans wet like i pee inside.

kena scold by big boss. he kp i late and late. i having enuogh of him. one someday i bend him and fuck him jialat jialat then he know. i last time high rank in army. all scared like fuck.

guy messages me, 'hihi wan some fun' i say okay. i see him my cock soft in time. cannot stand up. but i know he want, so i just stood ther and he suck and suck. i thinkiing is other boi suck.

who wan see my pic? i took one todae use the boi webcam. wan post LJ make u guy saliva drop ...

Sugar dreams goonight
Tis my first blog entries.

I hope all u supporting me. my english not very good. At my O lvels i only got C6 but my teacher says can pass great liao.

I am gay and wishes to know more friends. i have no much friends but sex experiences alot. I do with girls, trans and some guy too. But i find fucks a man more shiok. I go st james power house laz week. When they play the song "Sexi fuck", got this guy ask me, "can u plz sexi fucks me?"

Then we go toilet sexi fuck, make me tiredz. He say damn shiok then he recommentation to his other pal. 2 times in a night. I think mabbe i go tonitez. I will be standing near the toilet. Will be in light blue and they say my chests big. I come to chest sizes i shy bcos bigger than my gurl frenz. Mine about 40 inch alot of guy girl like to suck.

Hope u guy can add me and be my gd fren. We may become sex buddy or goo freind or even boyfrenz.



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